DIRECTV Has FIFA World Cup in 4K

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DIRECTV Has FIFA World Cup in 4K! 

If you’re a soccer fan, you’re probably counting the days until the FIFA World Cup.  Did you know that DIRECTV offers the best way to watch these games?  It’s true.  For the first time ever, DIRECTV is airing at least 28 World Cup games in its 4K programming.  This is the best resolution on the market, bar none.  There’s just one catch: you need a DIRECTV 4K account and equipment to watch these World Cup games in 4K.  Signal Connect brings you the World Cup schedule and some information about DIRECTV’s 4K programming.     

DIRECTV FIFA World Cup Schedule

For all the soccer fans out there, Signal Connect is happy to bring you DIRECTV’s FIFA World Cup schedule.  Our contacts at DIRECTV hooked us up with the dates of each game and the times in Pacific Time.  (Usually, DIRECTV posts sports viewing schedules in Eastern Time.)  Nevertheless, we’re happy to share this schedule with you in PST.  If you live in a different time zone, we’re confident that you can do the math.  Here’s the schedule for the games you’ve been waiting for, soccer fans:

June 14

8 AM      Russia vs. Saudi Arabia


June 15

5 AM      Egypt vs. Uruguay

8 AM      Morocco vs. Iran

11 AM    Portugal vs. Spain


June 16

3 AM      France vs. Australia

6 AM      Argentina vs. Iceland

9 AM      Peru vs. Denmark

12 PM    Croatia vs. Nigeria


June 18

5 AM     Sweden vs. South Korea

8 AM     Belgium vs. Panama

11 AM   Tunisia vs. England


June 19

5 AM     Colombia vs. Japan

8 AM     Poland vs. Senegal

11 AM   Russia vs. Egypt


June 20

5 AM     Portugal vs. Morocco

8 AM     Uruguay vs. Saudi Arabia

11 AM   Iran vs. Spain


June 21

5 AM      Denmark vs. Australia

8 AM      France vs. Peru

11 AM    Argentina vs. Croatia


June 22

5 AM      Brazil vs. Costa Rica

8 AM      Nigeria vs. Iceland

11 AM    Serbia vs. Switzerland


June 23

5 AM      Belgium vs. Tunisia

8 AM      South Korea vs. Mexico

11 AM    Germany vs. Sweden


June 24

8 AM      Japan vs. Senegal

11 AM    Poland vs. Colombia


Get DIRECTV 4K in Your Home, Office, or Vehicle

There are only three days between the publishing of this post and the first games of the FIFA World Cup.  That doesn’t give you a lot of time to get DIRECTV installed in your home, boat, or other installation.  (Signal Connect might be able to make that happen, but we’ll get to that in a bit.)  Have you been thinking about getting DIRECTV 4K?  If so, you could make this year’s World Cup the last 4K sporting event you miss.  DIRECTV offers a variety of sporting events in 4K reception that you’re missing out on… unless finally decided to get DIRECTV 4K this summer.

Now is the time to upgrade to 4K.  You might miss out on the World Cup in this resolution, but you’d be covered for the many sporting events to be broadcast in 4K in the future.  Keep in mind that this isn’t limited to soccer.  The satellite TV provider has a variety of professional and college sports packages, and more games are being broadcast in this resolution.  If you’re watching DIRECTV in standard definition (SD), you already know that this is going to change very soon.  If you’re a DIRECTV HD customer who wants the very best, it’s also time for a 4K upgrade.

What if you don’t have DIRECTV?  You could be someone who’s wandered onto this page after searching for the World Cup schedule on Google.  If that’s the case, there are some things you need to know about DIRECTV and its amazing sports viewing selections:

  • DIRECTV offers a huge variety of channels and packages, all of which include various sports viewing options.
  • Do you want to see the most home and away games of your favorite professional team(s)? DIRECTV offers specific viewing packages for pro baseball, basketball, football, and/or hockey.
  • DIRECTV’s HD and 4K resolutions offer the best picture bar none. 4K is so pristine that you will feel like you’re right there at the games!
  • You can get DIRECTV nearly anywhere you’d like to watch TV. Home and business installations are common, but Signal Connect also specializes in delivering DIRECTV to boats, RVs, and many other specialty installations.

As a sports fan, you must be getting tired of missing out on all the great coverage DIRECTV has to offer.  Signal Connect is a DIRECTV Authorized Dealer, which means we do everything to bring this satellite TV service to your home, business, or vehicle.  This means we’ll help you choose the best programming package and satellite TV equipment.  We’ll also handle your installation and account activation.  Since we can do all this quickly and easily, we might be able to get everything done in time for the World Cup!  You’ll only know if you give us a call at 866-726-4182.