DIRECTV Genie Remote Replacement

DIRECTV Genie Peanut Ergonomic Replacement Remote Control RC73DIRECTV Genie Remote Replacement from Signal Connect 

Do you need a replacement remote control for your DIRECTV satellite installation?  DIRECTV’s Genie remote is the latest model.  (It actually encompasses three models: The RC73, RC72, and RC71.)  Which one is the best for viewers like you?  The truth, any one of these DIRECTV Genie remotes would work perfectly for your DIRECTV receiver.  We know what this sounds like.  It goes against everything you’ve been told about technology, which is “newer is always better.”  Keep reading to find out why all of DIRECTV’s IR/RF universal ergonomic remote controls are perfect for you to use.

DIRECTV Genie remote controls are loaded with features.  These remotes have IR and RF mode and they work with every DIRECTV receiver, including legacy models as well as those not available yet.  What you’ll probably love most is its ergonomic design.  These remotes are designed to fit comfortably inside your hand, with the most frequently used buttons within easy reach.  Another convenience is its RF mode.  With this, you can control your receiver and clients through walls, cabinets, etc.  This series of DIRECTV remotes also features:

  • Helpful on-screen tips
  • Volume and channel rockers that move easily with a push of your thumb
  • Combined pause/play button
  • The ability to turn on the TV and receiver by pushing one button

DIRECTV Genie Remote Control How To

If you’ve never used a Genie remote control before, don’t worry. As DIRECTV remote controls go, everything is pretty straightforward. There are a few things you can do to get the most of this product. We’ve listed these unique DIRECTV remote functions to help you learn how to use your DIRECTV remote:

  • The remote comes with a battery strength indicator. If you see the remote light flashing slowly, it’s time to replace the batteries.
  • There’s an easy fix for many of the most common remote problems. The biggest cause of your remote not functioning properly is the top slider not being on the DTV symbol or the device your trying to control.  If you’re having trouble, check this first.
  • Pressing the down arrow twice lets you buffer two programs at the same time.
  • For a fast RF setup, press mute and enter when you stand in front of your receiver. This makes your remote able to shoot through walls, cabinets, etc.

Your New DIRECTV Genie Remote

Do you need a replacement remote for your DIRECTV installation? If you’re not sure, search inside the cushions of your couch or favorite chair. Even if you find that remote you lost a while back, it never hurts to have more. With the Genie remote, you’ll get the most comfortable DIRECTV remote you’ve ever held in your hand. The most-used buttons are big, and centrally located.  The volume and channel rockers move easily with a push of the thumb. Best of all, both of these remotes will work with every legacy and future DIRECTV receiver and DVR. Just use IR mode and you’re good to go.

Signal Connect can help you get this DIRECTV device for an amazingly low price.  We work with Solid Signal, an online electronics distributor and division of our company.   They carry a selection of DIRECTV Genie remotes in the company’s well stocked warehouse.  When you order one of these remotes, you could get any one of the three models because they both work equally well.  Solid Signal offers these devices in singles or as a pair, both for low prices.  If you’re interested in picking up a new DIRECTV remote control, call Solid Signal at 877.312.4547.

Get DIRECTV from Signal Connect

Speaking of DIRECTV, Signal Connect is your source for that, as well.  We’re an AT&T Preferred Dealer, which means we can help you with every aspect of getting DIRECTV for your home or business.  We’ve helped many people put this satellite TV service in their houses, offices, and apartments.  We’ve also deliver DIRECTV in boats, RVs, and big rigs.  No job is too big or small for us because our goal is to bring DIRECTV to anyone who wants it.  Every member of the Signal Connect team will walk you through the process of getting DIRECTV.  They’ll also be there to provide free service for the lifetime of your account.  To learn more about DIRECTV and our customer support, give us a call at 866-726-4182.