DIRECTV Genie Menu Changes

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DIRECTV is constantly upgrading all of its satellite entertainment services.  Take its new Genie menus for residential satellite TV viewing, for example.  In addition to routine updates, DIRECTV recently added new software to its residential Genie menus.  This new software is used with the HR44, HR54, H44, and Genie 2 (HS17) receivers.  Its updates address at least one common concern that some viewers had.  Signal Connect is happy to deliver news of these and other DIRECTV updates to keep the satellite TV provider’s viewers informed.

Text You Can Read

Were you one of the many DIRECTV customers who struggled to read the small playlist text?  If so, you’ll probably be pleased with DIRECTV’s new Genie software.  Text sizes in the playlist are perhaps the most visible change it delivers.  The words on the screen are bigger, and bigger is better because it it’s easier to read from where you normally sit and watch TV.  To illustrate the differences, we compare the text sizes between the old playlist and the newly updated one:

Old DIRECTV Playlist

This is the old playlist after some of the fonts were made thicker by an update prior to the new software release:

New DIRECTV Playlist 

Here, the new software makes the fonts significantly larger.  The Manage Recordings option has been moved to the top, and when you press LIST, it takes you to All Recordings.  There, you can move the arrow up to Manage Recordings, which should be more intuitive than arrowing all the way down.

The difference in font sizes really becomes apparent when you view them side-by-side:

[twenty20 img1=”2707″ img2=”2703″ offset=”0.5″]

Old Guide 

The fonts got thicker and spacing improved in the original updates of the old guide.  AT&T also replaced the logos on channels with actual channel names:

New Guide

With the new software, the word “Guide” was removed.  This might have been done to make room for the larger fonts.  The number of stations DIRECTV lists on the screen also has been reduced, likely for the same reason.  Remember the grey-on-grey bar that showed you how much of a program you’ve watched?  It has been replaced with a vibrant blue bar that’s more visible.  


The difference in font size is noticeable in this side-by-side comparison:

[twenty20 img1=”2706″ img2=”2702″ offset=”0.5″]

Speaking of DIRECTV Upgrades…

The new software and the changes it brings are a great example of the fact that AT&T listens to its customers.  These updates likely came from tips shared in focus groups, call logs, and social media channels.  We’ll keep you informed as AT&T continues to update and improve its DIRECTV services.  We did this when we learned that the DIRECTV Genie has Amazon Alexa skills.  We also taught you how to turn off your DIRECTV Genie menu’s power saving mode.  These are just some of what our being an AT&T Preferred Dealer means for you. 

Are you still using standard definition (SD) equipment?  If so, you don’t have much time left before you lose some or all of that programming.  DIRECTV’s 119 satellite (DIRECTV7S) is nearing the end of its useful life?  When AT&T puts this satellite into its parking orbit, SD customers will lose some or all of their programming.  Knowing this, many are upgrading to DIRECTV high definition (HD) and 4K programming.  Both of these viewing packages are far superior to that old SD programming. 

If you’re a current DIRECTV SD viewer, you might be eligible for an upgrade promotion.  As an AT&T Preferred Dealer, we can check to see if you qualify for any of these special deals.  This is just a small part of the customer support service we provide to help you with your DIRECTV upgrade.  Don’t be without satellite TV when AT&T’s SD programming goes dark.  Call Signal Connect at 866.726.4182 for the best DIRECTV upgrade package and more!