DIRECTV or DISH for Marine Satellite TV

DIRECTV or DISH for Marine Satellite TV?

Marine electronics installers, do you know the differences between DIRECTV and DISH?  Signal Connect shares five tips to help you recommend the best satellite TV for boats.

When it comes to marine satellite TV, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.  If you recommend the right satellite TV provider, your customers will enjoy their entertainment experience.  Recommending the wrong service for a vessel owner’s needs, however, could cost you a client.  You don’t want that!  We’ve complied this easy guide to help you recommend the right satellite provider.  It helps you make the right satellite TV service recommendation for each luxury craft and service boat client.  When it comes to marine satellite TV, you can rely on the experts here at Signal Connect!   


DIRECTV and DISH are the premier satellite TV providers in the U.S.  Each of these services has its strengths.  The one that’s best for your client’s boat depends upon that customer’s needs.  Matching boat owners with the right satellite provider is all about asking the right questions.  To help you, we’ve compiled this list questions to ask your customers.  Match up their answers with the pertinent points listed below to make a recommendation between DIRECTV and DISH for their boat.

When it comes to choosing a satellite TV provider, here are five questions that marine electronics installers should ask boat owners:

  1. “Are You a Sports Fan?”

If your clients says “yes,” then DIRECTV is their best option.  It’s the only satellite TV provider that offers the NFL Sunday Ticket viewing package.  DIRECTV also has packages for professional baseball, hockey, and basketball.  Your customer, their clients, and/or crew will see nearly every game while docked at the marina or floating offshore.  These sports viewing options are available for commercial and residential accounts, making DIRECTV the perfect solution for luxury vessels and working craft.

  1. “Do You Regularly Travel Between Mexico and Costa Rica?”

If so, then hook that client up with a DISH account.  The company’s American footprint covers large areas of the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.  Technically, this programming is meant to be seen within the U.S., but it can be received in these international waters with a DISH account and the right satellite equipment. 

  1. “Do You Want Satellite TV for an Oil Rig?”

DIRECTV is the satellite provider of choice for offshore drilling operations and boats used to transport oil.  Your client gets local channels on the east and west coasts, which is a big perk for everyone who works on these vessels.  DIRECTV also has a special department that handles oil rig accounts, which makes things easy for your clients. 

  1. “Are You on a Very Tight Budget?”

If this is the case for your client, you should recommend DISH.  This satellite provider offers HD programming on three satellites that all use the same technology.  This means your client can get a less expensive dish, point it at a single satellite, and get some of the available HD programming.  By contrast, DIRECTV uses a different system for two of its three satellites. This technology is incompatible with other worldwide satellite services.  If your clients go with DIRECTV, they’ll need a bigger, more expensive dish to get the programming they want.

  1. “Do You Want Satellite TV Without a Contract?”

There are many people who want satellite TV but don’t want to be locked into an agreement.  If this describes any of your clients, you’re in luck.  Both DIRECTV and DISH offer satellite TV without the contracts.  With DIRECTV, your customers can suspend or cancel their accounts at any time.  DISH’s Flex Plan allows clients to pay for satellite TV as they go. 

If you have clients who are a bit commitment-phobic, DIRECTV and DISH both work.  This means that you’ll have to ask some of the other questions above.  This helps you pinpoint the best option for your customer.  For example, if a boat owner says they don’t want a contract and they like sports, then DIRECTV would be the best option for that client.  

Your Source for Satellite TV Activation and Equipment

Once you complete your client’s marine DIRECTV installation, you’ll need to activate their satellite TV account.  Signal Connect can help with you with this, too.  Whether it’s DIRECTV or DISH, we’ll get your client activated right away.  This saves you time because you won’t be put on hold by the satellite TV providers or transferred around the company’s busy call center.

As a DIRECTV and DISH authorized dealer, we’ll get your clients’ accounts activated in 10 minutes or less.  This is because we know exactly who to call at the satellite providers.  This saves you time that you could better spend on doing those things that actually earn you money.  Best of all, our activation services are 100 percent free to marine installers like you!  (Yes, you read that correctly.) 

Satellite dishes and equipment is one more way that we can help you.  Our affiliate company, Solid Signal, specializes in a wide variety of electronics products.  The team of product experts at Solid Signal will recommend the best marine satellite dome, receiver, and other equipment needed for each DIRECTV and DISH installation.  If you need help with satellite TV equipment and/or activation, give us a call at 877.312.4547.  Solid Signal is always happy to help marine electronics installers.