DIRECTV Deal for Investment Firms

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DIRECTV Deal for Investment Firms

Many of today’s top investment companies have DIRECTV for its minute-by-minute updates on the stock market.  Signal Connect wants to deliver the benefits of DIRECTV to your investment management office.  To do this, we’re offering an amazing promotion that any financial advisor should appreciate.  You could qualify to get DIRECTV service for as low as $30/month with a two-year price lock.  You could also get an additional $600 in savings from us.  For someone who works with numbers, you can see that our DIRECTV deal could save you a ton of money.  What better way to get this premier satellite TV service for your investment firm?

DIRECTV for Your Finance Office…

There’s more than one reason to have DIRECTV at your branch office.  It does this by keeping you connected to the latest financial news through CNBC, Fox Business, CNN Money, Bloomberg TV and other channels.  DIRECTV also entertains your guests while they wait in your lobby.  A TV set in your breakroom delivers DIRECTV’s news, sports, and entertainment to your staff while they’re taking breaks.  These are all great reasons to have DIRECTV in your investment company.

Our DIRECTV Deal for Investment Companies

Signal Connect is a DIRECTV Authorized Dealer that specializes in commercial DIRECTV installations.  We’ve brought this premier satellite TV service to many investment firms already.  We want you and your team to enjoy this service in your office, too.  To help make this decision easier, we’re offering an unbelievable DIRECTV deal.  As a financial advisor, you might be eligible to receive the following DIRECTV incentives from Signal Connect:

  • Programming packages for as low as $30/month. (Price based on the average office with two TV sets.  Individual costs will vary.)   
  • Two-year price lock on your monthly rate.
  • A free 32” TV set. (Valued at $200.)
  • 75 percent off TVs larger than 32”
  • Free DIRECTV receiver and other equipment. ($200)
  • Free satellite dish. ($50)
  • Free DIRECTV installation. ($150)
  • Free ongoing technical support from a dedicate Signal Connect rep. (Priceless)

With a deal this good, there’s no reason not to get DIRECTV for your office!

Does Your Landlord Say, “No DIRECTV?”

If so, we can help.  Look, many property owners mistakenly believe that a satellite dish installation means drilling holes into the roof of their building.  They don’t know that DIRECTV can be installed using a non-penetrating roof mount.  This means no drilling and far less chance of damaged or leaking roofs.  The installers we work with get non-penetrating roof mounts from Solid Signal, an online electronics retailers and division of division of Signal Connect.

My building is too tall to get DIRECTV.”  Yes, this is something that some property owners will tell you.  They say this because DIRECTV doesn’t install satellite dishes atop any buildings more than two stories high.  The installer we work doesn’t have these same restrictions.  This is how Signal Connect has been able to deliver DIRECTV to financial offices located in high rises across the country.  If your landlord is concerned about satellite TV installations on his/her property, we’ll be happy to give them a call.  Our reps will let them know what options are available.

Get DIRECTV for Your Financial Management Company

DIRECTV could be a great addition to your financial planning office.  Qualifying companies can enjoy some amazing savings with our DIRECTV deal.  Would you like to find out if you’re eligible for these savings?  All you have to do is give us a call at 866-726-4182.  Our reps will answer your questions and see if your investment company qualifies for our latest DIRECTV deal.  Don’t have time for a call?  That’s okay.  We know that financial advisors are busy people.  Just take a moment to fill out the form below then click “submit.”  We’ll get back with you to get the process started.