DIRECTV Commercial Account Solutions

John Karim of Signal Connect

John Karim of Signal Connect

DIRECTV Commercial Account Solutions

A DIRECTV commercial account was almost denied to a business.  Signal Connect saved the day by providing the ideal DIRECTV dish mounting option!

As an AT&T Preferred Dealer, Signal Connect provides the best customer support to our clients.  Our sales reps go above and beyond for residential and commercial DIRECTV customers alike.  Take this recent example involving John Karim, one of our sales representatives.  Another company told a businessman that he couldn’t get a DIRECTV commercial account at his office.  John Karim easily made DIRECTV a reality for the client.  This case study is a good example of how Signal Connect provides the optimal customer service experience with every DIRECTV installation.

DIRECTV Commercial Account Difficulties

A data manager for a national company in Ohio was told he couldn’t get DIRECTV at his office.  Apparently, the office high rise exceeded the limits of how high some satellite TV installers were willing to work.  The company’s lease agreement also forbid anyone from drilling holes into the roof to mount a DIRECTV satellite dish.  This left the data manager feeling very frustrated.  He wanted nothing more than to enjoy the benefits of a DIRECTV commercial account. 

Fortunately, the data manager was determined to get DIRECTV.  This is how he found Signal Connect.  John Karim remembers the day he spoke with the frustrated business professional.  He recalled, “He seemed very upset because he really wanted to get a satellite TV business package. I promised him that I would do everything I could to make that happen.”

DIRECTV Installation Solutions

Bringing DIRECTV to apartment buildings and high rises is one of Signal Connect’s specialties.  John used this experience to develop a solution for the data manager.  He explained, “It’s best to discuss the lease agreements with the building’s landlord.  When I did, I discovered that the lease didn’t allow for drilling into the roof to install a satellite dish.”

John had the ideal DIRECTV dish mounting option for the data manager.  The satellite dish would be secured using a non-penetrating roof mount.  Instead of drilling into the building, these brackets use concrete blocks to secure the DIRECTV satellite dish.  John added, “It’s ideal for buildings that are more than two stories tall.  Once the landlord realized that no drilling was needed, he was on board.”

John matched the data manager with the right satellite TV equipment.  This included a DIRECTV satellite dish and non-penetrating roof mount from Solid Signal, a division of Signal Connect.  John added, “Being sister companies with Solid Signal is a huge benefit to our clients.  It lets us to match them with the best DIRECTV equipment at the best prices!” 

DIRECTV Satellite Dish Installation

DIRECTV installation is a service that Signal Connect reps are happy to arrange for their clients.  John explained, “We work with a network of professional satellite TV installers across the country.  I easily found a local DIRECTV installer who was happy to do the job.”  The satellite TV installer John sent to the office building finished the job in 10-15 minutes. 

A DIRECTV activation was the last thing John needed to do for this account.  Fortunately, this is another Signal Connect specialty.  John had the data manager’s satellite TV account activated in about 10 minutes.  This let everyone at the office enjoy DIRECTV right away.  John commented, “At the end of the day, the client was extremely pleased that we were able to make DIRECTV a reality at his office.”

Ongoing Customer Support from Signal Connect

John’s service to the data manager doesn’t end with the activation of the DIRECTV commercial account.  He also manages his client’s DIRECTV account for free.  “Like all my clients, he has my direct number and email address,” John explained.  “He knows he can contact me if he has questions or needs a change made to his account.”  Signal Connect offers this customer support to all DIRECTV and DISH clients. 


Get a DIRECTV Package from Signal Connect

As an AT&T Preferred Dealer, Signal Connect provides the latest DIRECTV equipment, packages, and programming.  We also offer DIRECTV activation and ongoing account management.  Are a business manager who’s ready to enjoy DIRECTV at your office?  Give us a call at 866-726-4182.  A member of our team will be happy to discuss the many benefits of a DIRECTV commercial account.