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Customer Support for DIRECTV Hotel Installations

DIRECTV Hotel Lobby Installation

Customer Support for DIRECTV Hotel Installations 

When many hotel or motel owners experience DIRECTV problems, they call Signal Connect.  No job is too big or too small for the experience and dedication to excellence found at Signal Connect.  For example, our rep Tim Haddad helped a hotel owner who was experiencing some DIRECTV issues.  Tim knew that a DIRECTV installation is an important part of a hotel or motel’s guest service. This is why he made sure the problem was fixed with no business interruption for the owner. This kind of DIRECTV customer support is all in a day’s work for Tim and the rest of the Signal Connect team.

Diagnosing Issues in DIRECTV Hotel Systems

One day, Tim received a call from the manager of a hotel.  Five years ago, Signal Connect sold this business a DIRECTV viewing package.  We also arranged for its installation and activated the account.  The hotel manager recently reported a problem with the installation.  Tim explained, “He said that some of the channels had a buzzing noise in the background.  I figured out that they would need to replace the faulty RG6 cables with newer cables.”

Signal Connect’s DIRECTV Installer Network

With most DIRECTV connection issues, Tim is able to walk people through the repair over the phone.  In the case of the hotel installation, this wouldn’t work.  Tim brought in a professional to re-run the installation’s wires.  He recalled, “I called a local DIRECTV installer in our network and he finished the job in two hours. The hotel manager was pleased that it was a quick and inexpensive fix.”

DIRECTV Equipment for Hotels and Motels

The installer told Tim that the hotel’s DIRECTV equipment was outdated.  Tim recalled, “They knew their equipment was old, but they’d been holding off replacing it.  To help them, he offered the client a discount on a new HD headend system with H25 receivers. He got these products from Solid Signal, an online electronics retailer and sister company of Signal Connect.  “They were very happy that I was able to help them update their system,” Tim added.

Signal Connect Fixes DIRECTV Hotel Installations

If you’re a hotel and motel owner who needs DIRECTV customer support, call Signal Connect.  If it’s a simple DIRECTV connection issue, we’ll diagnose the problem over the phone then walk you through the fix.  We offer this service free to all DIRECTV customers!  If your satellite TV issues are more complicated, we’ll get you the help you need. If you need our help, give us a call at 866-726-4182.

DIRECTV for Hotels and Motels from Signal Connect

As a hotel or motel owner, your success depends upon hospitality and guest service.  DIRECTV for your hotel is as important as fresh sheets and temperature-controlled rooms.  As an AT&T Preferred Dealer, we match you with a DIRECTV programming package, dish, and equipment.  We’ll also connect you with an DIRECTV installer to set it up.  Our reps will also activate your DIRECTV account.  If you have question, or want to get the process started, call us at 866-726-4182.