Best CB Tips for Truckers

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Truckers, Get the Best CB Tips From Signal Connect

Are you a trucker who likes talking on your CB radio?  These devices continue to keep big rig drivers connected after being introduced several decades ago.  As a busy trucker, how do you get replacement CB radios and/or CB antennas?  And, with so many great products to choose from, how do you know which CB accessories to get?  Signal Connect shares some tips to help you find the best CB radio and antenna for your semi tractor.  We also make it easy for you to get the gear you need.  This will make your road trips fun and enjoyable while you’re busy helping keep America’s economy rolling!

Best CB Radio for Truckers 

It’s natural for any trucker to want to get the CB radio that provides the longest range.  Most CB radios transmit four watts of power, which means they all offer the same range.  (You have the option of covering more distances with a long-range, SSB radio.)  We recommend choosing a CB radio based on its most important factor, the ability to deliver clear signal.  The type of antenna you use determines range, which we’ll discuss later.

If clear reception is what you want (and you should!), you’ll need an automatic noise-limited radio.  These CB radios minimize background noise.  What about a radio that offers instant access to channel 9 (the emergency channel), and channel 19, aka the “truckers’ channel?”  And then there are CB radios with backlit displays for night driving.  Many of the best CB radios have all of these features and more.  

Best CB Antenna for Truckers

When it comes to CB antennas, there’s a variety of different types and brands available to truckers.  This can make it hard to choose the right one for your rig.  To help you better understand CB antennas, here’s an overview of what’s available for your semi truck:

  • Fiberglass Antennas: Ranging in lengths from two to seven feet, these antennas feature a fiberglass rod with an antenna wire wound along its height. If distance is your biggest concern, these antennas offer a range of two to seven miles, depending upon the aerial’s length.  Fiberglass antennas are durable and can easily be mounted easily on your semi.
  • Magnet Mount Antennas: These all-in-one antennas feature a magnetic base, whip antenna, and coaxial cable that attaches to your CB radio. They typically come in two sizes – three feet and five feet – and receive signal from three to seven miles.  For best results, mount these antennas atop the roof of your tractor.  Keep in mind that this could create clearance issues.
  • 102” Whip Antennas: Many truckers consider this the best CB antenna. Its length gives it a range of 10 miles or more.  The only downside to these aerials is their height.  At 8.5 feet tall, these antennas can present clearance issues if not properly mounted on your big rig.
  • Center-Loaded Antennas: Also called “trucker antennas,” it should be no surprise that these are very popular with tractor-trailer drivers.  These aerials feature a stainless steel lower shaft, a coil in a plastic house in the middle, and a steel whip on top.  The average range is seven to 10 miles, and center-loaded antennas are costly and prone to damage if struck or hit.

Get the Best CB Radios and Antennas

The CB radio is a trucker’s favorite means of communication on the road.  For the best CB radios and antennas, contact Solid Signal.  A division of Signal Connect, Solid Signal is an online electronics retailer that carries plenty of CB equipment.  Search our inventory for CB radios from manufacturers including Galaxy, Midland, and Uniden.  We also carry CB antennas from Browning, Tram, and other antenna companies.  If you need help choosing the right CB equipment, one of our product experts will be happy to make a product recommendation.  Just call Solid Signal at 877.312.4547.

DIRECTV for Truckers   

Did you know you can have DIRECTV programming in your semi?  DIRECTV’s satellites cover nearly 100 percent of the country, which means that you can enjoy your favorite news, sports, and entertainment nearly everywhere you go.  It’s a great benefit for over-the-road truckers on interstate trips.   If you want satellite TV in your tractor, Signal Connect is your source for DIRECTV for big rigs and fleets.  Call us at 866-726-4182 to learn more about this service for truckers.