9 Things for Your RV for Under $1,000

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9 Things for Your RV for Under $1,000

RV owners, if you had $1,000 to spend on your motorhome, what would you purchase? Here are nine things for recreational vehicles under $1,000.

RV owners are always spending money on their recreational vehicles. Whether something needs repairs or updating, owners put a lot of money into the RV lifestyle. Most would agree that hitting the open road in your home on wheels makes the time and effort worthwhile. Along those lines, what would you do if you had an extra $1,000 to spend on your motorhome or fifth wheel? What would you buy or not buy?

We posted this question to a group of RV owners we know. These people are all veteran camper and motorhome owners. Some of the folks we spoke to have been in the RV life for more than 25 years. These are motorhome, camper, and fifth wheel owners just like you. Some are mothers and fathers who use their RVs for family vacations. Others are empty nesters who live on the road throughout the year. Either way, these experienced recreational vehicle owners were happy to share their advice. Here is what they had to say:

  1. Get a second, 1,600-2,000 generator to run the air conditioning system.
  2. Comfortable bedding, such as a memory foam mattress.
  3. A selection of creature comforts and needful things that included outdoor carpets and chairs, extension cords, tank link extenders, Instant Pot pressure cooker, heated blanket, etc.
  4. One or two additional solar panels and a relatively inexpensive inverter. This lets RV owners recharge their battery banks when not running AC off the second generator.
  5. Put into account to save for inevitable repairs and maintenance. These include: tires, heater/furnace, AC, brakes, leaks, water heater, refrigerator, dry lube slides, etc.
  6. Save your money for a tow. Something as small as an electronic component failure in the engine shuts down your RV.  That money could be exactly what you need in an emergency, even if your insurance later reimburses you for towing.
  7. Snap pads that attach to your camper’s hydraulic levelers to help keep your vehicle level. This eliminates the need to use unreliable wood or plastic blocks.
  8. Fix leaks in the roof of your RV or motorhome. (A perennial problem for many motorhome owners.)
  9. A new bathtub, because who doesn’t like the comforts of home while on the road?

Advice for Buying RV Parts

There are many things that RV owners can do with an extra $1,000. If you have some extra money for your recreational vehicle, you can get what you need from your local dealer. You also have the option of searching for the best online deals. Not sure which idea is best? Let Signal Connect help you. We provide tips and information for our many friends who are out there living the RV life. As it so happens, we have some great advice for getting the best deals on RV accessories. Before you spend that money, take a moment to check it out. If you have any questions, you can also give us a call.

DIRECTV Equipment for RVs Under $1,000

Have you ever considered getting satellite TV for your RV?  You and your family could enjoy your favorite news, sports, and entertainment wherever you go.  Signal Connect specializes in providing DIRECTV solutions to RV owners.  Our sister company, Solid Signal, has this Traveling Dish Receiver Kit for under $700.  It includes:

  • A King Quest King VQ4100 portable satellite dome
  • 50’ of Solid Signal RG6 cable
  • A flat RG6 coax cable for window feeds
  • An H24 DIRECTV receiver
  • One RF remote control

As you can see, this kit from Solid Signal provides all the equipment RV owners need to enjoy DIRECTV.  You’ll have about $300 left over to put toward a DIRECTV viewing package.  As a DIRECTV Authorized Dealer, Signal Connect can help you with that.  Let us match you with a DIRECTV viewing package, installation, and much more.  We’ve brought DIRECTV to many motorhome owners, and we can help you, too.  Give us a call at 866.726.4182.  Signal Connect is your No. 1 source for DIRECTV for RVs, campers, and motorhomes.