9 Tailgating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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9 Tailgating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Tailgating can be a lot of fun as long as everyone plays by “the rules.”  This means everyone must avoid making these nine mistakes at tailgate parties.

Tailgating is no different from other communities, cultures, and sub-cultures in that it has rules.  These rules, which are more like community standards, help to ensure that everyone has a good time at the tailgate event.  These guidelines vary from stadium to stadium and team to team.  (For example, a cheese platter might not be the best tailgate snack for fans who don’t support the Green Bay Packers.)  To help tailgaters learn the ropes, Signal Connect shares the nine most common tailgating mistakes.  Avoid making these blunders and you’ll have the best tailgate party experience.

1) Packing Tailgating Supplies the Morning of the Game

Trying to prepare all your tailgate food and supplies the morning of the big game is a huge rookie move.  It’s the reason some tailgaters come late to the party and end up having to park by the portable toilets. (More on this later.)  To avoid being “that guy” (or gal), cut your veggies, form your burgers, and pack up your tailgate snacks the night before the game.  This gets you to the stadium on time and gives you a shot at the best parking.  It also means that you won’t leave your friends and family waiting for you on the big day.

2) You Didn’t Get a Babysitter

Anyone who’s been to a tailgate party knows that it’s not the place for young children.  It’s an adult party, not unlike the ones you’d see at a bar on game day.  Things can get a little rowdy and colorful language is sometimes used.  Getting a babysitter is the best ways to enjoy some guilt-free adult fun at the stadium.

3) Only Bringing One Bottle Opener

If you drink most major brand domestic beers, you don’t need a bottle opener.  (All hail twist-top technology!)  But if you or your friends enjoy foreign or micro-brews, bottle openers become important tailgating gear.  Yes, we said openers because these handy tools can get lost at hectic tailgate parties.  You wouldn’t want to go without your bottle of “Belgian blooming orange peel with chocolate highlights,” would you?

4) Forgetting Your Cell Phone Charger

We need our cellphones wherever we go, even to tailgate events.  What if you’re friends are driving around the parking lot, trying to find you? What if you’re away from the stadium and need to check the score? What if someone important calls you?  None of this happens if your phone is dead.  This is a huge problem with a very simple fix – remember to bring your cell phone charger to every game. 

5) No Extension Cords

Tailgating parties often feature a lot of music, games, and other festivities.  Stereos, lawn games with electronic components, and other appliances require electricity.  This means you need extension cords.  An easy way to remember these critical cords is to pack them up the night before the big game.  This helps to ensure a successful tailgate party.

6) Don’t Play Your Music Too Loudly!

Tailgating can be a lot of fun but some people can overdo it.  Cranking up the volume on your stereo system is an easy way to alienate your fellow tailgaters.  Everyone can’t have a good time if one person’s music is louder than everyone else’s is.  Don’t be that person.  Keep your music at a respectable level so everyone can have a good time.

7) Don’t Park Near the Portable Toilets

We promised we’d cover this and we will right now.  Everyone knows that portable toilets reek of the most hideous odors.  You don’t want to be inhaling this stench for the duration of the tailgate party.  Be sure to park away from the toilets but within easy walking distance for obvious reasons.

8) Remember to Bring Toilet Paper

You can count on the portable toilets to be stinky.  You cannot count on these units to have an adequate supply of toilet tissue.  This is especially true during busy tailgate events.  You have to count on yourself to bring enough toilet paper for you and yours.  It would be embarassing to ask a fellow tailgater if you can use their roll?  It’s much easier to BYOTP.

9) You Didn’t Bring Enough Trash Bags

Tailgate parties can get messy, and you don’t want a bad reputation as a “party piggy.”  Be sure to bring enough garbage bags to clean up after yourself.  It’s a great way to keep your reputation in the tailgating community in good standings with your tailgating community.

Good Luck at Your Tailgate Parties!

Tailgaters, we wish you all the best for your future parties and get-togethers.  These nine simple guidelines will help you be a conscientious partygoer.  Your family, friends, and fellow tailgaters will definitely appreciate it.  This means more fun every time you’re celebrating the big game.  Signal Connect wants you to get the most out of every tailgating event.


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