4 Reasons to Get DIRECTV for Your Financial Office

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4 Reasons to Get DIRECTV for Your Financial Office

DIRECTV can be a great addition to any investment planning office.  Signal Connect counts down the top four reasons satellite TV benefits financial managers and their staff.

Are you a finance officer who has thought about adding DIRECTV to your investment office?  The satellite TV service could be an excellent addition to your lobby, breakroom, and personal office space.  Your guests will enjoy a more pleasant waiting room experience while you and your team get up-to-the-minute financial information.  We’ve taken the time to share the top four reasons to have DIRECTV at your financial office.

  1. DIRECTV Livens Up Your Lobby!
    • Lobby entertainment is the most popular thing finance directors add to their offices.  You work with clients every day, and sometimes these people have to wait in your lobby area.  Their sure to find their favorite programs from DIRECTV’s selection of high-definition news, sports, and entertainment.  If your clients bring their kids with them, the satellite service has plenty of children’s programming as well.
  2. Stay Up on the Stock Market With DIRECTV
    • If you work in a financial office, you need accurate stock reports throughout the day, every day.  DIRECTV keeps you connected to channels such as CNBC, Fox Business, CNN Money, Bloomberg TV and others. You’ll get stock updates and financial news delivered to you every day with DIRECTV!
  3. Get Breaking News With DIRECTV
    • Let’s face it, our modern lives are lived in a 24/7 information cycle.  News breaks all the time, and finance officers such as yourself need to stay on top of it.  DIRECTV delivers headline-making news well designed to keep you informed both day and night, all delivered to you at work.
  4. Get the Daily News from DIRECTV
    • While you use the DIRECTV in your office for financial news, your staff will enjoy having it in the employee breakroom.  Think about it.  Having access to some of their favorite news, sports, and entertainment programming makes lunches and break times even more enjoyable for everyone.

Don’t Let These Things Keep You From Getting DIRECTV

DIRECTV is great for any investment company.  You probably already know this.  So, what’s keeping you from bringing this satellite TV programming to your office?  Maybe you have your reasons.  We just want to make sure you’re not passing on this amazing opportunity because of some bad information someone might’ve given you.  Here are the four biggest misconceptions about having DIRECTV at a financial office:

The Two-Year Agreement

Some investment managers can be a bit intimidated by this, but the agreement actually helps you.  It locks you in at a low promotional rate for your first year, and also makes sure you’ll get the best rate during your second year.

Year Two Costs

Are you concerned about pricing during your second year with DIRECTV?  It tends to be less than competitive services for the same package.  For example, offices that use a local cable company often end up paying around $100/month.  This makes DIRECTV a very competitive alternative.

Your Landlord Says “No DIRECTV”

When property owners tell you that you can’t have satellite TV, it’s usually because of unfounded fears on their part.  Many property owners worry that a satellite dish could damage their building.  Our network of installers has a way around this that can make any proprietor happy.  Our installers use non-penetrating roof mounts to secure a satellite dish atop your building.  These mounts do not require any drilling into the building, which means your landlord doesn’t have to worry about damage or leaky roofs. If your property owner is concerned about DIRECTV, we’ll be happy to speak with them.

Your Building is Too High for DIRECTV

We hear this one a lot, and it’s easy to understand why.  DIRECTV won’t install dishes atop buildings that are three stories tall or higher.  Our network of installers, however, have delivered DIRECTV to high rises all across the country.  By doing the jobs that DIRECTV won’t do, we’ve brought this satellite TV service to plenty of business owners who were told they could never have it.  Let us bring this amazing service to your investment office.

Get DIRECTV for Your Finance Office!

DIRECTV is the solution for any financial planning office, including yours.  It delivers all the latest industry news for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day.  As a DIRECTV Authorized Dealer, Signal Connect delivers this service to retirement planning offices all across the country.  We also provide a representative to answer your questions and even manage your account.  If you’re ready to bring DIRECTV to your investment company, call Signal Connect at 866-726-4182.