4 Cell Phone Deals from Signal Connect

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4 Cell Phone Deals from Signal Connect!

Season’s Greetings!  As we approach the holidays, Solid Signal is giving the gift of great deals on cell phones.  You can save hundreds of dollars or more on many of today’s hottest cellular devices.  How can we offer these great cell phone promotions?  Signal Connect is an AT&T Preferred Dealer that is authorized to offer these great savings to you.  Check out these wireless deals and find the one that’s best for you, then call Signal Connect.  It’s that simple, but you’d better act quickly!  Phone deals this hot won’t last forever! 

Get $400 Off the New Android Phone of Your Choice!

Do you have a child who wants a cell phone?  (Today’s kids can operate cell phones and tablets at the age when I was still playing with a paddle ball!)  Signal Connect makes it easier for you to be hero to your kids while also saving on cell phone technology purchases.  To help keep your family connected, we’re offering you an opportunity to get $400 off one of these three Android phone models:

  • LG V35
  • V40 ThingQ
  • G6 Duo

How does it work?  You trade in a cell phone that’s worth at least $20, and we’ll give you a $400 credit toward the purchase of one of these three phones.  This is a great deal for a new phone for you, your kids, or another family member who needs a new phone!

Save $200 on an Apple iPhone!

Trading in and trading up isn’t just for cars.  You can do the same with your cell phone when you work with Signal Connect.  Wouldn’t you like to exchange that older phone for a brand new Apple iPhone?  Of course you would!  Check out our latest trade-in deal.  It saves you $200 on a new Apple iPhone.  To get this credit, all you have to do is trade in one of these eligible smartphones:

  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus
  • Apple iPhone 8
  • Apple iPhone 8 Plus
  • Apple iPhone X
  • Apple iPhone XR
  • Apple iPhone Xs
  • Apple iPhone Xs Max
  • Samsung Galaxy Note8
  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Samsung Galaxy S9+
  • Samsung Note 9
  • Google Pixel 2X

If you’ve been wanting the latest Apple iPhone, this deal makes it easy to get one.  Don’t miss your chance to get that new phone you’ve been wanting!

Get $200 Off New Samsung Galaxy Phone!

That’s right!  Signal Connect is offering a $200 credit to anyone who wants to purchase a new Samsung Galaxy through us.  What do you have to do to get it?  That’s easy.  Just trade in an old cell phone that’s worth at least $20 and you’ll save $200 on one of these devices: 

  • Galaxy S9
  • Galaxy S9+
  • Galaxy S8 Active
  • Galaxy Note9

Samsung’s Galaxy series are great devices, and this cell phone deal is pretty awesome, too.  It’s the perfect way to get a new phone for yourself or someone else in your life.  With the $200 credit, we’ve made it that much easier for you.

The Biggest Values in Wireless from Signal Connect

If you’re a true blue bargain hunter, you’ll LOVE this phone deal!  It’s easily the biggest value that Signal Connect has to offer anyone who needs a phone.  Depending on the one you choose, you can get one month free, or get rates as low as $1/month or $5/month, after bill credits.  This ultimate value wireless promotion is available for the following devices:

  • LG K30 – $1/month
  • Moto g6 PLAY – $1/month
  • Samsung J7 – $1/month
  • Samsung J3 – $1/month
  • iPhone 6S 32GB – $5/month
  • LG Stylo 4+ – $5/month
  • Samsung A6 – $5/month
  • Apple iPhone SE 128GB – free

These prices are listed for the next 30 months.  If you want to lock in these low rates, follow these three steps:

  1. Contact Signal Connect
  2. Complete a new activation or Add-a-Line
  3. Add as many lines as you qualify for under AT&T’s standard line/credit limits
  4. Purchase an eligible device on an installment plan with an eligible wireless service. (Additional terms and conditions may apply.  Ask your Signal Connect rep for more details.)

Get These Wireless Deals While You Can!

Wow!  Those are some AMAZING cell phone deals!  As stated earlier, these promotions expire on January 1, 2019.  If you want the latest cell phones in time for the holidays, you need to act now.  To take advantage of the best cell phone deals that Signal Connect has to offer, call 866-726-4182, or fill out the form below.  We look forward to helping you stay connected through the holidays and beyond!