3 RV Road Trip Tips

RV driving down windy road in the woods

3 RV Road Trip Tips from Signal Connect 

An RV road trip can be fun for everyone. Snowbirds, full-time RVers, and those on family vacations all love their recreational vehicles.  These campers and motorhomes let you go anywhere the road takes you.  This includes RV campgrounds parks, famous landmarks, and popular vacation spots.  RVs are also a great way to get out and enjoy the great outdoors while still enjoying the comforts of home. Here are some other great reasons that make RVs, campers, and motorhomes the best way to take a vacation:

  • You bring all the comforts of home with you, including your own kitchen, fridge, stove, beds, bathroom, and shower.
  • Staying at RV campgrounds provide plenty for the kids and adults to do.
  • RV vacations give you the opportunity to enjoy campfires and all the songs and stories that go with it.
  • You’re on your own schedule and have the flexibility to create your own adventure as you go.
  • Since your RV is your home on wheels, families with toddlers or babies can take vacations, too.
  • You can bring your family pets on the trip with you instead of boarding them. 

RV Trip Tips Before You Go…

Are you planning a vacation in your RV, motorhome, or camper?  Congratulations!  We hope you and your family have an amazing time. Before you head out, we have information to help you make the most of your vacation.  It’s not a huge checklist; it’s just good RV trip tips.  While any RV owner can benefit from them, this advice is great for newbie RV owners with families.  Before you and your loved ones hit the road, consider the information in these three RV road trip tips:  

  1. RV Travel Tip for Families:

    So, you’re family coming along on this vacation? That’s great!  Taking family trips is one of the best things about a motorhome.  This can also be a downside if you think about it.  Even the largest of RVs isn’t as big as even a small house.  This means RV trips stick family members together in cramped quarters for long stretches.  All this time together could ruin an otherwise fun family vacation.

Be sure to spend as much time outdoors during the day as you can.  Also make sure that each family member gets a bit of personal time for themselves.  This will make the time you all spend together more enjoyable, which makes for great memories.  Believe it or not, this advice is just as relevant for snowbirds and empty nesters.  Anyone who spends that much time together in close quarters deserves to enjoy a little alone time every now and again.  When you take a little time for yourself, and give your loved ones their space, it makes for a much more pleasant RV trip.   

  1. RV Campgrounds: Important Tip:

    Are you planning on spending some time at a popular RV campground? This is a great idea for a trip.  There are usually a lot of great things for adults and kids to enjoy at these places.  Swimming, boating, and hiking are among the fun activities offered in many of today’s top RV parks.  Before you hop into your RV and head out to these popular campgrounds, it’s good to answer these two questions:

  • Are you taking your trip during peak vacation season?
  • Is your campground a popular tourist destination?

If you answered yes to just one of those questions, then we recommend you make reservations. The more your chosen campground has to offer, the quicker these places fill up. You wouldn’t want to get your kids excited only to find out that there’s no vacancy. Do yourself a favor and plan ahead. You’ll save yourself and your family a lot of disappointment if you follow this important RV camping tip!   

  1. RV Driving Tip:

    RV owners know that there’s no better way to take a trip than in your motorhome. First of all, you’re on your own schedule.  There’s no train, plane, or bus to catch, and all the troubles associated with those forms of travel.  When you own an RV, you’re on your own schedule, which means you don’t have to rush if you don’t want or need to.  You can also stop anytime you like, whether if it’s for a quick break or to see an attraction you hadn’t planned on.  You’re the one driving the RV so you’re the one in control of your trip from beginning to end.

If you’re a newbie RV owner, how much experience do you have driving a motorhome?  If you’re still new to the RV life, you’re probably not used to driving such a large vehicle, it’s a good idea to get some practice in before your vacation.  It’s not uncommon for rookie owners to find an empty parking lot to practice driving, stopping, turning, and parking.  It’s also a good idea to take advantage of any courses offering through your local RV dealer or RV group.  Driving an RV is a serious responsibility, so you don’t want to “learn as you go” when the health and safety of your family and other drivers are on the line.

Bonus Tip for RV Owners:  Getting DIRECTV for your RV, camper, or motorhome is a great way to improve any RV trip. Having satellite TV in your RV means taking all your favorite shows with you wherever you go. If you want DIRECTV in your recreational vehicle, Signal Connect is your best bet. As an AT&T Preferred Dealer, we have everything you need to enjoy DIRECTV in your RV. This includes free customer support for the duration of your account. Do you want to learn more about DIRECTV for RVs? Give us a call at 866-726-4182 so one of our reps can help you.

The RV Life is Yours!

If RV travel is your near future, we suggest you use these three tips for a successful road trip.  The advice in this section isn’t complicated or difficult to follow.  It’s basically some common sense passed down from experience RV owners who’ve taken plenty of vacations over the years.  (We also have more advanced RV trip tips for those you need them.)  When it comes to RV road trips, these folks know what they’re talking about.  Make sure you make the most of your upcoming vacation by following these RV road trip tips!