3 Cell Phone Dead Zone Solutions for Truckers

No Cellphone Signal While Trucking

3 Cell Phone Dead Zone Solutions for Truckers

Truckers, do some of your runs take you to places with bad or spotty cell phone service? There are plenty of these areas throughout the country and Canada. You probably know where many of them are from experience. You might not know about other dead zones until you drive through them. As an over-the-road trucker, you know there’s nothing worse that being in a dead zone when you need to make a call.

What Causes Cell Phone Dead Zones?

The lack of cell phone towers in a given area is the No. 1 cause for cell phone dead zones. These are common in parts of the western U.S. and Canada, as well as other areas throughout the country. Sparse cell phone tower coverage isn’t the only reason you can’t make a call in certain areas. Here are some other causes of poor cell phone coverage on the road:

  1. Natural obstructions between you and the tower, such as hills.
  2. Man-made structures such as buildings, bridges, and overpasses.
  3. Weather conditions such as fog and rain.

All these things can weaken or even block cellular signals. Your cellphone is your link to dispatch, family, and emergency services, if you need them. That’s why it’s important for you to have a solid cellular connection wherever you go. To keep truckers like you connected when you’re on the road, Signal Connect is happy to share these five tips.

  1. Keep Trying as You Drive

If your call doesn’t go through on your first try, you’re probably in a dead zone. This is something most truckers have experienced while they’re behind the wheel. In most cases, all you need to do is try to make your call again 10-20 miles down the road. In many cases, the short distance you travel will put you within the range of a nearby cell phone tower. When this happens, your call goes through, no problem.

  1. Take Your Big Rig to the High Ground

What do you do when you can’t make a call but you know you’re not in a dead zone? There might be some type of obstruction between their cell phone and the nearest cell tower. Something as simple as trees, buildings, or a bridge is enough to disrupt the call. The solution is simple: drive past what’s blocking your phone’s line-of-sight to the tower, or drive your big rig to higher ground.  

  1. Stop Your Semi and Get Out

If you’ve passed through the dead zone and driven to high ground and still can’t make the call, pull over. Yes, this can be a bit of a hassle, but sometimes parking your big rig is what you need to do to make your call. This keeps your phone’s signal from being bounced from tower to tower. (This is what normally happens when you’re driving.) Once your semi truck is safely parked, get out of the cab and walk away from your tractor trailer to make your call. This reduces any chance for obstructions between you and the tower.

Bonus Tip: Get a Cell Signal Booster for Your Big Rig

A cell phone signal booster in your big rig is the best way to make sure you can make and receive the most calls and texts. When you make a call or send a text, the interior antenna takes your cell signal. It transfers that signal to the base, which amplifies it. This boosted signal gets transmitted to your exterior antenna, which transmits your call. When you receive calls and text, this process works in reverse. As long as you can get at least half of a bar of signal, a cellular phone signal booster will improve it. Best of all, you can attach these devices to your semi-tractor as easily as your CB radio.

Cellular Signal Boosters for Semis from Signal Connect

Are you a trucker or a fleet manager who’s looking for cell phone signal boosters for your semi truck?  Signal Connect is happy to help.  We’ll help you get the best cellular signal booster from online electronics retailer Solid Signal, a division of our company.  Solid Signal carries a variety of these devices made for use in big rigs like yours. Our product experts will match you with a cell booster from SureCall or weBoost. If you have any questions about these devices, give us a call at 866-726-4182.

DIRECTV for Truckers  

Speaking of all the things you can have with your big rig, there’s DIRECTV.  The company’s satellites cover nearly every corner of the country.  This means you can enjoy your favorite shows every time you take a break on the road.  DIRECTV is great for over-the-road truck drivers on those long, interstate trips.  If you want DIRECTV for your semi-tractor or fleet, Signal Connect is your hook up!  Give us a call at 866-726-4182 to learn more about this service for truckers.