Person analyzing financial dashboard with KPI and business district background
Home >>Trade Shows >>   4 Reasons to Get DIRECTV for Your Financial Office DIRECTV can be a great addition to any investment planning office.  Signal Connect counts down the top five reasons how satellite TV benefits financial managers and their staff.  Are you a finance officer who has thought about adding DIRECTV to your investment office?  The satellite TV service is could be an excellent addition to your lobby, breakroom, and personal office space. 
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RV Fire
Home >>Trade Shows >>   7 Fire Prevention Tips for RVs, Campers and Motorhomes  A vehicle fire is the last thing any RV enthusiast wants. To help protect you, here are seven fire safety tips for your RV, camper, or motorhome. Do you know what the worst thing about an RV fire is?  In most cases, these disasters could’ve been prevented.  Fire prevention for RVs is all about taking the time to prepare before your
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Home >>Trade Shows >>   Hassle Free Satellite TV Activation for Installers  As a satellite installer, is activating your clients’ accounts the longest part of your day?  Signal Connect saves you time by activating your clients’ accounts hassle free! DIRECTV activations can be the most frustrating part of an installer’s day.  You routinely are put on hold and/or transferred around the company’s busy call center.  It can be the same with DISH.  You can end
For Installers
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Avoid DIRECTV Fraud
Home >>Trade Shows >>   Avoid Fraud and Misclassification in Marine Satellite TV If you install satellite TV on boats, you need to know about fraud and misclassification.  Solid Signal shares this important information with marine electronics installers. Newsflash: Using residential DIRECTV receivers on commercial boats is illegal!  The satellite TV provider considers this fraud and/or misclassification.  Your clients can be fined and even incarcerated if they’re caught doing this.  And they will be caught. 
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DISH or DIRECTV for Marine Installations
Home >>Trade Shows >>   DIRECTV or DISH for Marine Satellite TV? Marine electronics installers, do you know the differences between DIRECTV and DISH?  Signal Connect shares five tips to help you recommend the best satellite TV for boats. When it comes to marine satellite TV, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.  If you recommend the right satellite TV provider, your customers will enjoy their entertainment experience.  Recommending the wrong service for a vessel owner’s needs,
Home >>Trade Shows >>   Signal Connect Shares Satellite TV Know-how at NMEA Expo When it comes to marine satellite TV installation, Signal Connect is your No. 1 source.  What’s more, we can prove it! Which satellite TV solution provider was chosen to educate marine electronics installers at a recent conference?  If you said “Signal Connect,” then you guessed correctly!  Three members of our team – Evan Weiss, David Ross, and Josh Weiss – spoke
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